ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) 2413 sets the minimum standards and testing procedures for safety footwear. The identification of the ASTM 2413 standard is: LINE 1 - ASTM F2413-11 (The F2413 identifies the ASTM Standard and the "11" signifies the year of the standard) LINE 2 - F (Female) or M (Male) and I/75 (Impact safety-toe protection) and C/75 (Compression safety-toe protection) LINE 3 - Used to reference additional protective features and they should appear in the order that they appear in the standard, i.e. Mt, Cd, EH, SD, PR. Every year,Safety Shoes, thousands of work place injuries occur that could have been prevented with the right gear. Safety work boots are tested according to ASTM 2413 standards for impact and compression safety-toe resistance, metatarsal protection, conductivity resistance, electrical shock resistance, static dissipative properties,Steel Toe Shoes, and puncture resistance. Below is a guide to help understand what exactly ASTM is and how safety footwear is tested. Impact ( I ) and Compression ( C ) Resistance A safety test is performed by dropping a 50 pound weight from a predetermined height (1.5 feet) at a designated speed. The I/75 C/75 rated footwear will protect the wearers toes from an impact of up to 75 foot-pounds and compressive loads up to 2,Steel Toe Boots,500 pounds. The clearances under the safety toe after the test is performed are as follows: Men-0.500 Inch (12.7mm) Women-0.468 Inch (11.9mm) *The standard doesnt cover the use of aftermarket add-on protective toe devices* Metatarsal - MT Metatarsal protection is designed to prevent or reduce injuries when the toe and metatarsal areas of the foot are exposed to hazards. The metatarsal test is performed by dropping a 50 pound weighted bar 1.5 feet onto the metatarsal guard. (75 foot-pounds of impact energy.) The impact energy is the same as for the safety- toe impact. The clearance is measured by inserting a wax foot-form into the shoe to accurately measure the deflection of the metatarsal guard on the interior of the shoe. View Our Metatarsal footwear