composite men safety shoes Industrial workers and workers within the building industry are now required to wear protective footwear even though on the job in order to protect against debilitating injuries. Particular factories offer protective footwear in addition to work wear towards the employees who are available in shifts. If this is not the case, then the staff want to buy their own pair of safety shoes to be able to be protected during 9-12 hours even though they may be inside the premises with the workplace. The severity of injuries towards the feet varies and this cannot be taken lightly. Rather than ignoring and suffering during a later stage,Safety Shoes, it is much better to stop such injuries from affecting your feet. Guidelines Cleaning Leather safety shoes one Pour a quarter-size volume of leather cleaner on a clean, soft cloth. Rub the cleaner into the surface on the leather to get rid of dirt and stains. Wipe the boots off using a clean, dry towel,Steel Toe Boots, then let the boots dry entirely. two Maintain the leather surface on the safety shoes by rubbing mink oil in to the leather. Mink oil is really a petroleum jelly-like paste that absorbs into the leather. Buff the leather surface with one more cloth to get rid of excess mink oil. three Spray the surface in the leather safety shoes using a weather-resistant spray to help repel stains caused by rain,Slip On Safety Shoes, snow and exposure to other sources of moisture. Cleaning Suede safety shoes four Scrub suede safety shoes having a dry suede brush. Move the brush back and forth over dirty or stained areas to loosen and eliminate the dirt. five Pour baking soda on any wet stains or oil stains on suede safety shoes. Leave the baking soda on overnight to absorb the oil or moisture. six Brush the baking soda off the safety shoes and go over the boots together with the suede brush to make sure no baking soda is left in the fibers of your suede. seven Spray the boots using a weather-resistant spray produced for suede material.